Speaking Opportunities

Do you have knowledge of a cutting-edge HR topic that you could share with HRA-NCA members? HRA-NCA is always looking for dynamic speakers for our monthly meetings, professional development seminars, annual conferences, etc. Our membership includes and wide variety of HR and other professionals, many with HRCI or SHRM certifications.   If you have an interest in presenting to our group, please complete our Speaker Application.  

Speaker Terms and Conditions

All HRA-NCA speakers must apply using this form before approval to present will be granted.  All speaker applicants agree to the following and understand that any violation of this agreement may result in cancellation of your engagement or future programs. This agreement does not guarantee that you will be accepted as an HRA-NCA speaker.

Proof of prior speaking engagements may be required (e.g., video, books, articles, letters of recognition or evaluation).

A member of the HRA-NCA Board of Directors will review all proposals. Your proposal will be considered for Chapter Meetings, Professional Development seminars, Career Management programs, Conferences, Compensation and Benefits programs, as well as other special events. Presentation duration must range from 1.25 hours to 2.0 hours in length.

You will not receive any remuneration for speaking at HRA-NCA events. You agree not to sell or promote your products/services or charge for services. You agree not to collect participants' contact information, although you may distribute topic information, biographical information, or business cards at our events.

You agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner at HRA-NCA events and project a positive view of HRA-NCA in the community.

You understand that our guests are asked to evaluate speakers. These evaluations are for our internal use only. HRA-NCA reserves the right to terminate any speaker arrangement. 

Planning for Your Event

The majority of our functions are held in the NW area of the District of Columbia and are metro accessible.  You will also find parking garages within the block surrounding the facility.  We suggest that you plan your commute in advance to help avoid unanticipated delays, give you enough travel time, and allow for networking with our guests.  You may also enjoy our buffet of refreshments before you speak.  When you arrive, please check in at our registration desk and a representative will guide you to the meeting area.  

A podium, laptop (for Power Point presentation), LCD projector, microphone, and internet access will be available for your use.  Teleconferencing may be available but requires your advance request.  We do permit our speakers to video tape their events, but ask that you secure advance permission from our Programs lead.  You may bring your own materials and copies to share with our guests, and/or make your presentation available electronically after the meeting.  You may also feel free to collect business cards for that purpose, hold a drawing or raffle, or provide small gifts or trinkets to our guests.  We typically have 50-60 members in attendance at our monthly meetings, and are happy to provide you with an accurate head count within 24-48 hours of the event.  

Recertification Credit:  HRA-NCA will apply for recertification credit with both HRCI and SHRM in advance of each event.  Please be prepared to provide us with the necessary information within that time frame, such as the exact name of your presentation, a 2-paragraph summary, and your bio.  Thank you.

Speaker Application

Apply for a speaking opportunity by completing the following form.

Speaker Application