Upcoming Events

May 24

Leading Change by Effectively Managing Transition

1331 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005

The goal of this session is to provide leaders with the tools they need to successfully support employees through change initiatives. The session will address how employees experience and respond to change. It will also provide multiple approaches for supporting employees and include guidance on how to select the best option. This session is designed to be interactive. Leaders will be asked to identify an upcoming change initiative so that they can begin to apply learnings during the session.

May 24

Webinar: Recurring Marijuana Issues in the Workplace in Light of New Legislation

The rise in medical marijuana legislation poses many interesting questions for employers - especially national employers where state laws may differ drastically on this issue.  State legislation of the lawful use of cannabis likely will require employers to change their perceptions of longstanding drug policies and practices.

Jun 8

Webinar: The Changing Landscape of Anti-Discrimination Laws and Workplace Policies in Light of the NLRB

This webinar will discuss some of the more discrete and growing areas of anti-discrimination law at the state and federal level.  For instance, ban the box laws have become very popular at the state level to prevent discrimination based on race.  This topic would include a survey of state specific laws as well as the EEOC’s guidance, and provide recommendations for compliance.  This webinar could also explore the trend in laws prohibiting discrimination against transgender individuals, including bathroom use, and tips for how employers in effected locales can ensure compliance.

Sep 19

Webinar: The Impact of Workplace Violence as it relates to Employment Laws and OSHA

Approximately 1 million workers experience violent acts at work annually. Violence in the workplace is a major concern for employers especially given the events that took place in 2016 in San Bernardino Inland Regional Center shooting massacre and in Hesston, Kansas.  Events like these illustrate that workplace violence can occur at any place at any time. The obvious and most important threat it poses is to the health and safety of anyone caught in the path of violent co-workers or third parties. But, workplace violence can have many other cascading, and negative effects such as reputational harm, and it can result in costly lawsuits ranging from negligent hiring or supervision of its employees to OSHA citations. If violence occurs in your workplace, it is vital that employers have strong workplace violence policies in place to help prevent workplace violence but also to respond to it if and when it does occur.